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The easiest way to change your address and personal details (including your telephone number and em. I called Santander today as I had an old loan with Cahoot, I just asked if i had taken PPI with tha. … success rate. Experts in rejected Cahoot PPI claims too.. Email Address. Please specify your. Have you ever had PPI with Cahoot? You could be owed £1000s in PPI compensation if Cahoot mis-sold. [Name and address of PPI provider]. FAO: Complaints Manager. Dear Sir/Madam ,. Re: [insert credit re. We've put in place a simple and fair process for making complaints about a Payment Protection I contact us. We're here to help. Please send a secure message from the online banking 'Help. If you think we've miss-sold you a Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) product, then we want to.
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